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About Me

Jacqueline Assar is an immersive technology creator with an academic background in cognitive psychology and computer science. Her work explores the relationship between humanity and emerging technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality and artificial intelligence. Her art has been featured at the Institute For Contemporary Art in Boston and 836M in San Francisco.

Jacqueline's work has been recognized in the industry by top companies and institutions. In 2021, she received an Oculus Launch Pad fellowship prize for Potluck, a first-of-its-kind virtual reality cooking application that uses immersive cooking lessons as a medium for cultural storytelling. She was also spotlighted by Microsoft for her mixed reality retail application HoloPay. In 2016, she received funding from MIT Play Labs for Coresights: a virtual reality healthcare platform with real-time biometrics. Coresights has since been used by medical institutions including Mount Sinai, Johns Hopkins and George Washington Medical School. Jacqueline has spoken and showcased her work at events including Games for Change and the MIT Tech Conference. Jacqueline is also a 2022 Presidential Leadership Scholar. 

In addition to her art and advocacy work, Jacqueline has shaped the strategy and implementation of virtual and augmented reality developer and creator tools at Meta, Snap Inc. and Magic Leap. 

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