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Potluck celebrates diversity of thought by harnessing the power of cultural storytelling. We give chefs a platform to become the protagonists of their own uniquely human stories. Each chef’s lesson tells food stories about who they are, what matters to them, and their culture. In-app videos allow chefs to share more about themselves. Players also experience culturally enriching content in our kitchens and social spaces. These environments are customized with each cuisine in mind, including culturally specific cooking tools, design elements, and art.


Our vision is to create a global potluck of diverse cultures — an exchange of different viewpoints and traditions. Consider how a potluck works: people come together to share a dish of theirs and enjoy the dishes of others. Similarly, in our app, users bring with them their own experiences and leave having engaged with the diverse experiences of others. By learning about a wide array of culinary and cultural backgrounds, people can expand their worldview and their understanding of food.


Anish Dhesikan

Kat Schneider

Emily Pascual

Jack Jeworski

Technologies Used




Oculus Quest

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