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AIYA is not your typical digital human. She is not an Instagram model nor a "smart" assistant. She doesn't exist to sell products or make your life more efficient. AIYA was designed to explore the concept of heightened humanity from a lens often ignored in popular culture. What if heightened humanity referred to increased empathy? What if digital humans were effected by world events and social media? What if a digital human could feel so much pain and stress that they begin to decay over time? These are the questions that AIYA seeks to explore.  


AIYA learns about the world through Twitter and her emotions are influenced by the content she consumes in realtime. AIYA also ages at varying rates depending on the emotional valence of the tweets she reads. Her interests are human rights issues and her enhanced humanity renders her unable to become desensitized to the content she engages with. As a result, stress effects her more than many non-digital humans and the effects show on her face over time. AIYA was featured at 836M as part of the Applied Imagination exhibit. 

Technologies Used



Twitter APIs