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Oculus Launch Pad Fellowship

Updated: Feb 10, 2018

I was honored to be selected as a 2017 Oculus Pad Fellow. Oculus Launch Pad is a program created by Facebook to support promising creators from all over the world and foster diversity in the industry.

The bootcamp was an incredible and life-changing experience. The Oculus team gave us a weekend we won't forget jam packed with incredible speakers and activities. On Day 1, Funomena Founder and CEO Robin Hunicke spoke and Felix & Paul Co-Founder and Creative Director Paul Raphael and Chief Content Officer Ryan Horrigan led a workshop on 360˚ filmmaking. On Day 2, we had a Unity deep dive led by Unity XR Developer & Evangelist Sarah Stumbo. The Oculus team even gifted us a Gear VR to develop on!

All of the 2016 Oculus Launch Pad Scholarship recipients spoke and it was so inspiring and helpful to learn from their stories. Jewel Lim brought tears to my eyes with her incredible story around what inspired her winning Launch Pad creation. Several members of the incredible Oculus team also spoke including Head of Content Jason Rubin, Lead Counsel Debbie Rosenbaum, Policy Manager Parisa Sabeti Zagat, Executive Producer Yelena Rachitsky, Head of Mobile Development Engineering Chris Pruett, Producer Bernard Yee, Software Engineer Trevor Dasch, Mobile Developer Strategist Isabel Tewes, and Associate Producer Dorian Dargan. It was a true privilege to learn from these team members.

Check out the video for Realms - the virtual reality experience my team (Anish Dhesikan, Kat Schneider, Kachina Studer) and I created for our Oculus Launch Pad project:

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