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Google International Women's Day Summit

Had a blast at Google's International Women's Day presented by the phenomenal organization Women Techmakers!

The Android Things workshop was so much fun and it was amazing to build a device and code an app for it all within two hours. Google's commitment to making hardware and software accessible is truly incredible.

The inspiring and courageous women that shared their career stories and wisdom with us were the best part of the event. From Googlers like Tali Sason (Software Engineering Manager, Google), Justine Rivero (Program Manager, Google Jigsaw) and Fernanda Viegas (Senior Staff Research Scientist, Google Brain) to inspiring founders of tech companies like Rica Elysee (Beauty Lynk) and Naira Musallam (Frontier7), these ladies are inspiring examples of women in tech today. I am so thankful to Women Techmakers for facilitating these powerful moments and discussions!


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