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Discover Payments VR/AR Hackathon

Updated: Feb 10, 2018

Our team (Anish Dhesikan, Kat Schneider, Kachina Studer) is back at it with another VR/AR hackathon. This time, we were tasked with creating an AR application for payments/retail. We designed a retail platform for the Microsoft HoloLens and were honored to win first place!

After being selected as top 3 finalists at the hackathon, we presented our solution at Harvard during the annual Innovation Project event. We were floored when we found out that we were selected as the top application. We are so grateful to Discover for the support, encouragement, recognition and $10,000 prize.

We were also awarded the opportunity to demo the application to conference attendees. It was wonderful to see the positive reactions from finance industry experts.

Read more about the hackathon below:


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